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Doctors & Chiropractors in Lafayette CO

Are you looking for doctors in Lafayette, CO? Our primary care and physical rehab providers have the knowledge and experience to address the root problem of your health concerns and find a personalized solution for your health goals.

Doctors & Chiropractors in Lafayette CO

Are you looking for doctors in Lafayette, CO? Our primary care and physical rehab providers have the knowledge and experience to address the root problem of your health concerns and find a personalized solution for your health goals.

dr paul branch medical director

Dr. Paul Branch

Dr. Paul Branch has been successfully treating patients with a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses using integrated methods since 1999.

Gretchen Tweed

Gretchen Tweed has been practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant (PA) since 2010.

With experience in family practice, rehabilitation medicine, and internal medicine

Chiropractor Near Me - Dr. Dave Evans, DC, CCSP

Dr. Dave Evans

Dr. Dave Evans is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic and is a Certified has a post graduate as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner.

kimberley roberts LCSW

Kimberley Roberts

Kimberley Roberts brings 32 years of social work, mental health and in-patient psychiatric experience to the South Pointe healthcare team. She has worked…

dr phillip herschberger

Dr. Phillip Herschberger DC

Dr. Phillip Herschberger is a proud Colorado native who graduated from the University of Colorado prior to receiving his chiropractic education at University…

Tara Dunlap

I’m Tara Dunlap, a dedicated massage therapist from the heart of Nashville, TN. My journey has been fueled by a genuine passion for healing, that I bring that into every session…

Amber Millison

Amber is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. She is also a Lifestyle coach who helps patients build sustainable positive lifestyle changes.

What is a Doctor?

A doctor is a licensed and certified medical professional whose duty involves diagnosis and treatments for a wide variety of health issues. Your local doctors office excels at providing comprehensive care for common medical conditions such as chronic illness as well as preventive care including annual physical examinations, vaccine injection and at times arthroscopic surgery or other minor surgical procedures. 

What should you look for when choosing a Doctor?

Choosing the right health professionals for you and your family can be complex. South Pointe Healthcare offers a wide variety of services including primary care, physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and mental health counseling. Our unique “one stop shop” setup makes choosing your life long healthcare team an easy choice.

Below are some of the most crucial considerations to make when choosing your next doctors office.

  • Location: The distance you are willing to travel from home or work to see a provider has a strong impact on choices. Seeing a medical clinic close to home can be convenient, but casting a wider net may increase your options.
  • Office Hours: Make sure that the open hours of a clinic aligns with your busy schedule.
  • Office Staff: Even if you have found a doctor that perfectly meets your needs, the wrong office staff can cause a poor experience. Make sure they are friendly, and accommodating to your appointment request needs.
  • Communication Skills: Another key element is your doctors ability to listen to concerns, and clearly explain the correct path forward, detailing how this course of treatment will benefit you and align with your lifestyle. 

If you are located near Boulder, CO and looking for a new medical team, do not hesitate to reach out and see how South Pointe Healthcare can exceed your wellness expectations. 

South Pointe Difference

At South Pointe Healthcare – Lafayette, we deliver compassion, trust, respect and transparency along side top notch patient care. Whether patients are coming into our office for help managing a chronic disease, acute injury, or sick care, our wide range of specialties have a solution for everyone. 

We pride ourselves on being a full service healthcare team, and pass on this promise to our patients with our multidisciplinary approach, capable of treating all of our patients healthcare needs under one roof.

Every member of our expert team, from primary care physicians and massage therapists to our office manager and front desk staff, strives to create a comforting and welcoming experience while providing incredible care, from when a patient calls to make an appointment until checkout. 

If you live near Boulder County and need a new doctor, do not hesitate to give us a call at (303) 665-8444.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a relatively new way to provide health services for local patients outside of the traditional insurance provider based structure. This usually involves a monthly or yearly paid contract directly with your provider in exchange for a wide variety of specialties. This may be attractive for patients who are uninsured and need consistent care.

South Pointe Healthcare is not a DPC clinic. 

If you would like to learn more about DPC, check out our article What Is Direct Primary Care.

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