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Immigration Exam | What To Expect During Your USCIS i-693 Physical Examination

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Charles Fazio

April 27, 2021

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immigration i 693 physical exam for green cards

What To Expect During USCIS i-693

The green card medical examination process (USCIS i-693) is a necessary step that is required in the immigration process if your or your family members are seeking a green card. This examination must be completed by a government authorized doctor, and consists of a few main parts.

The main parts of an USCIS i-693 exam are:

  • Physical and mental evaluation
  • Review of your immunization records and medical history
  • Screening for drugs and alcohol
  • Tests for illnesses and diseases

Why must I go through all of this to obtain my green card?

The purpose of the medical examination is to ensure that applicants do not have any health conditions that deems them “inadmissible”. Inadmissible means an individual is not eligible to receive their green card. 

This may sound sound stressful, but with proper preparation there is no need to worry!

Overall, it is very rare to not pass the USCIS i-693 medical examination.

Immigration Physical Preparedness Infographic

South Pointe Healthcare makes the entire immigration physical exam process quick and easy. Our government authorized doctor and staff have years of experience helping green card applicants successfully navigate the immigration application system.

We have prepared this “Immigration Exam : What To Expect” infographic as a quick and clear visual to show our patients what they need to consider, and prepare for when coming in for their appointment.

If you wish to download this infographic, click here

I Need To Schedule My Exam

If you live near Lafayette, CO and are looking for a qualified USCIS i-693 doctor, South Pointe Healthcare will gladly handle your examination.

Please give us a call at (303) 665-8444 to schedule your appointment today.

To find out more specifics about the cost of the examination, please visit this page.

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